Saturday, January 11, 2014

Start of the LAST transfer!!

DUDE. icannotbelievei'mstartingmylasttransferever! Does it annoy y'all when I write sentences without putting spaces? Sorry. Haha. So, for my very last transfer ever, I'm staying in Verona with Sorella Lyman! Crazy, I've NEVER had a companion for 3 transfers! She'll be the first :) And, man, I can't believe it's finishing either! Countdown? Who has those? Haha.

Well, this past transfer/few weeks have been super good and crazy. We just started teaching a bunch of new people! Although, they all seem to have just gotten busy, so lets hope things work out for the best! So, the Anziani in our ward gave us this woman they had found and taught a little bit, but she's single, so they passed her to us. Basically, I love her with my whole heart, and when I first met her, we became best friends :) Haha. She's from Romania, and the first time we met her, she came to CHURCH (um, most wonderful person ever? Yes. It's SO hard to get people to come to church)! One of our members immediately started fellowshipping her, and they became best friends too. And then this past week we had a lesson with them at our members house. Agh! It was just soo perfect. But, she's busy looking for work, so it's kinda hard to see her... pray she finds work!

Then, after that we went to see some of our members, and we knew they had a referral for us, so we had a short lesson, and talked a bit about that referral... and we decided to go see her the coming weekend. Well, before we left our members house, we got a phone call, and our plans that evening had cancelled... soo, we talked to our member, and we worked it out so that we could go see her friend THAT NIGHT. RIGHT THEN, actually. And, it was awesome. She's an awesome African woman, with an adorable family (4 kids!), and she's so so wonderful. She listens so intently, and really tries to understand what it is that we're explaining, and really wants to understand about our church. I love her, too. The only thing is, she lives far away, so it's hard for her to come to church, also because she would come with 4 kids! Finding a ride for 5 people? Kinda hard. But, she's amazing, lo stesso :)

Then, we were doing casa (knocking doors) one night, without much success, and at the citofono (the type of doorbell) we said (along the lines of): we're missionaries of the church of jesus christ, and we have a message about Him that we'd like to share with you, if you have 10 minutes (mind you, this is AT the citofono), and they said yes, and let us in (...okay, lets be real, that never happens)! They're an adorable Romanian family (husband, wife, 5 year old son), who lived in spain for 5 years (they speak spanish very well), and last week they were finally all reunited as a family (the wife's been living here in Italy for a year, the husband has been in Italy for 3 months, and the son just arrived in italy last week!). They're very open, asked if they could come to church, and just seem like the most prepared little family. We have a return appointment, with a member, and I just love them soooo much! Seriously, as a missionary I just fall in love with people all the time (in the sense, that they're just my brothers and sisters). Honestly, I just love them oodles. So, pray for all of these people, per favore! :)

also, Alma 56:44-47. So, basically verse 44 has been one of my favorites since I was little, I don't know why. I think it may be because watching the "Living Scriptures" movies growing up, when Helaman asks that question, it's just a very powerful moment! I love it! So, I read that part, and as I read it, I thought about it a little differently. Then I went back and re-read it, and I just love those verses even more now! Imagine with me now, reading those verses, but as if they're talking about when God's plan was presented to us in heaven, even when we knew there would be opposition, and it would be a fight. Now go read Alma 56:44-47. It just makes me terribly happy, reading it that way :) (as if, Helaman's God, and we're the 2,000 warriors).

Also, did y'all celebrate La Befana? I sure hope so! 6 gennaio! Just kidding, it's just like a second holiday after Christmas. But, just so y'all know, for next year! Haha.
Also, dearest brother Adam, for some reason, after 18 months of not thinking about it, "Not a Penguin" just popped into my head! I hope you still sing that sometimes :)

Also, you should know, I'm slightly addicted to the BOM/the scriptures. Whenever I find myself with some free time, I tend to just grab my BOM :) It's so great! (because we don't have the Conference Liahona yet! I probably won't be able to read it until I get home. Which reminds me, can y'all order me a Genercal Conference Liahona/Ensign in Italian, so it can be waiting for me when I get home? Grazie)

Also, did you know that whenever I listen to EFY music I just feel like I HAVE to go home, and be an EFY counselor? Because, I do.

Also, thanks Grandma and Granddad for the Christmas card! I just got it yesterday! Y'all are super duper adorable! :)

Okay, well I think that's basically it. Haha.

I gotta go finish, OH, also I'll send you Christmas pictures :)

Okay, vi voglio tanto bene,
Ci vediamo fra poco! AGH!

Sorella Sara Willis

Our district

Sorella Lyman and I! Christmas gift from our ward mission leader :)

Christmas lunch with the Eusebio's and Tamin's!

Christmas evening, with the Castillo's (where we skyped from)

Simone (from Siena) came to Verona (for a YSA thing)! :)

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