Saturday, January 18, 2014

Countdown: 5 weeks! :)

Oh my word, the pictures of Tanner are super cute! Dude, he's a giant now!

Well, nope, I cannot believe Kaleb is takling to girls now... dude, Kaleb and I can have an EFY road trip! Yeah :)

Well, things to tell y'all for this week.

a) Sorella Lyman and I are only speaking Italian... period! Ha. In the house, outside, everywhere! Mostly. Except we're the Sister Training Leaders, so we have to do trainings and whatnot, which we do in English... and we have members who only speak English... so, we kinda break that rule kinda spesso, but only because we have to! But, for the majority of the time, we only speak Italian! It's way easier than I thought, but also harder than I thought.

Also, did you know that D&C 31 is one of my favorite sections EVER? It has been since the MTC, but I just re-read it the other day, and it's still just as great! :) Especially verse 3, basically makes me cry ALL THE TIME. And then, verse 5, says (più o meno) "For the laborer is worthy of his hire." I love that line! It just makes me want to work so much more! To be able to be WORTHY of my hire! It's just like a pump-up line :) Ha.

Also, I gave a talk on Sunday. I didn't know I was giving a talk until Thursday evening. Guess what? It was the first talk that I've ever given that wasn't 100% written out! Haha. I just preferred having EVERYTHING written, and planned out before the mission, and even on the mission I've written out all of my talks, because I didn't want to mess up with the language, but this Sunday, I figured a) I knew enough of the language, b) I teach by the spirit enough now, so that I should be able to give a talk by the spirit (obvisouly, prepared beforehand, with notes and whatnot... just not 100% written out). It went well. I still cried. I always cry. Whatever. I was given the topic of Temples (I dunno why, I haven't been in 18 months!) :) I didn't think it was amazing, but after my talk I had a couple people thank me afterwards. Three comments in specific made me terribly happy (translated to english, so it's not exactly what they said, but whatevs)

1. "You gave me chills, it really struck my heart, and I almost cried."
2. "If I could hug you right now, I would! But, I'm a man, and you're a sister missionary, so consider yourself hugged!"
3. "Your's was the first talk I paid attention to in 5 years."
...maybe this going-by-the-spirit stuff is where it's at! Hahaha.

Also, we've been seeing a lot more of our members lately! It's wonderful! They're all so great, I just love them.

Well, I kinda gotta get off... the internet point is closing!

Ci sentiamo la prossima settimana!

Vi voglio un sacco di bene!

Sorella Sara Willis

So, there were transfers. A new sister moved in. She's super cute, Sorella Haslem. She bought me these little candies, called "Baci". which are translated "kisses", and she wrote me a little note, basically saying, "These are for you, prepping you for after the mission, when you get some real life kisses!"  Hahaha, I thought it was hilarious :)

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