Saturday, December 7, 2013

In which Sorella Willis becomes Anziano Willis :)

Dear family, and everyone else,
hahaha.... that's so funny to address an email like that... I have no idea who will read this!

Well, I have oodles of little things to tell y'all this week!

Okay, 1: I'm a nonna! Babbo, do you remember that vocab word from a few weeks back? It means grandma! Haha. My daughter (who I trained) - Sorella Seare - is now training! Weird. I'm way old in the mission! Ha,

Also, I want a giant black dog when I get home! I saw the most beautiful dog the other day, it was seriously the biggest dog I've ever seen. It looked more like it was part bear than part worlf. I fell in love with it. I'll find one likeunto it when I come home :)

Also, we were doing comp. study the other day, and I was telling Sorella Lyman that I had just read 3 Nefi 12 (specifically verse 13), and just talking about it, I told her how we all have to "maintain our saltiness". She fell in love with that phrase, and wrote it on her wall. Haha. I thought it was kinda cute after I thought about it. Comp. study is fun, you say things you never would hear if you just studied, and thought alone! :)

Also, fun fact, I've been called "Anziano Willis" at least 4 times this past transfer. It makes me laugh so much! The last time it happened, the elder who said it said, "It's just cause you're just like one of the Anziani, just like one of the guys..." Yeah :) Remember how I love being "one of the guys"? Growing up with 5 brothers does that to a girl! :) Haha.

Also, tender mercy? I heard one of my favorite songs EVER the other day! "The Lords Prayer" by Andrea Boccelli and MoTab. Basically, I've been wanting to listen to that song my whole mission, and I totally could if I wanted to, cause it's MoTab, and great, but I just never had the means of listening to it. Well, we went to our Mackay's house the other day, and on their MoTab playlist this song came on... and it made my heart so full! Tender mercy? Yes :)

Also, do you know how annoying I am these days? I dunno what it is, but I just come home at the end of the day, and I'm just a chatter box! I talk Sorella Lyman's ear off every night! I almost annoy myself, but I just feel like I need to talk, and get everything out of my head! Weird. I've never been a talker. Haha.

Oh! And, where's my Benjamin LeGrand Willis? Question for you! Did you ever serve with an Elder Payne in your Tacoma Washington mission? Basically, I'm serving with an Anziano Payne whose brother served in the Tacoma Washignton mission 10-11 years ago... please tell me you know who he is, that would be so cool! :) Haha.

Also, OHMYWORD, can I tell you how happy I was made the other day? Remember the wonderful man, Antony, who got baptized in Siena over the summer? Remember how he had to move to Napoli? Well, I never knew if he ever found the church in Napoli, so for all I knew he was just down there, maybe inactive... who knows! Well, after talking to an Anziano the other day, he said that Antony is back in Siena, goes to church all the time, and is amazing, and how he wants to get the priesthood! True story, when the anziano told me that my hear literally filled with joy! Missionary work: fills the soul with joy! I've experienced that first hand, mamma mia!

Also, we were doing casa one night, rather unsuccessfully, and as we were going from door to door I was wondering why we were doing it... there had to have been something better to do with our time. Well, it was getting near time to finish, but Sorella Lyman suggested we do one more house. We went, rang a few, and there was one that opened the door for us... they didn't even invite us up, we just heard a little grumble, and they opened the door. Well, we went up, hoping to find the right floor, where we found a cute elderly couple waiting for us at their door! They invited us in, and we were able to teach them a short lesson, and get to know them a little bit better. They're very curious, and are excited about reading the BOM, and coming to church! They say they don't want to change religions, but they are curious to figure out a little bit about our church. Agh! We love them so much, and are so excited to teach them, and we're sure as they read the BOM their hearts will be softened :) They gave us chocolate cake. Adorbs :)

Also, I Sorella Lyman mentioned the song, "Baby It's Cold Outside" the other day, and it basically destroyed me. Remember how that's one of my very favorite Christmas songs?! I love it! Not to mention it has lots of significances, and memories connected to it! Well, first of all, it's basically what I sing to myself everyday when I'm riding my bike, cause hello, it's super cold riding a bike in the winter. Also, "Elf". Need I say more? Also, "Mission: Baby It's Cold outside" when a bunch of us OP kids silly stringed Elder Wolfley and Williams. Basically, that song's great :)

Well, I kinda gotta run, but I love y'all oodles!

Super excited to talk to y'all in a few weeks!

Vi voglio tanto tanto bene!
Sorella Willis

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