Thursday, December 12, 2013

Merry Christmas from your missionary!

Hello tutti! :)

Okay, little things to tell you!

We went to the Arena last week, and looked at a bunch of Nativites from around the World. It was so cute, I loooved it! Also, they were playing Andrea Bocelli Christmas songs the WHOLE time. I was so so happy.Then, today we went to the same Arena and just looked around the arena! It was super cute, I love Italy :)

Also, we put up our Christmas tree in our apartment! I love it, I'll be sure to send y'all a picture :)

Also, do you know how BLESSED I am? God sure does love me. Basically, every Sunday when we're in Relief Society, we're right beside the Priesthood, and we're just separated by those little accordion wall things. And, we get to hear, every Sunday, the men sing their opening hymns. Do you know how much I LOVE that? I LOVE men choirs, and just hearing men sing, without women! It's one of the most beautiful things in the world! And, our men here just sing with such vigor and umph! I looooove it :) Haha, sorry, that's kinda pointless, but it's something that made me happy this week! :)

Well, we were doing strada one morning (walking along the street, talking to people), and we talked to a wonderful, African woman with so so much faith! She had a stroke about 3 months back, and is re-learning how to speak (both Italian and English). She's an amazing woman, we've taught her once, and she's curious about Thomas S. Monson, and we invited her to watch the Christmas devotional online. We're excited to return and see what she thought!

Well, it's all Christmasy here in Italia, here in Verona, and I loooove it! :)

Also, did you know that I'm freaking out lately? Haha, just kidding, I'm not a freak-out-er. But, it's just weird, thinking about the end of my mission. It's like, I don't feel like I'm finished, and I'm not spiritually where I should be... but it's okay, because I'M STILL NOT FINISHED! I still have this transfer, and next transfer. So, obviously I feel like that, cause I still have stuff to do! I just need to not worry about it, and keep focused :)

Also, we made cookies the other day, and after 4 hours they were kinda hard. Then after 24 hours they were SUPER hard! There's gotta be something in the Italian air, and or baking supplies... cause, all of their breads are soft for the first hour, then they ALL get hard! Haha.

Well, today is crazy, we've been running around, I've been buying y'all gifts for when I come home :) Honestly, my favorites are those for the nipotini! Haha :)

Well, today there's not too much to say, I'll go ahead and send y'all the pictures!

Oh, and my mission pres. didn't ever respond about Google Hangout, so I wrote him back and just told him that I'm gonna use it until he tell me otherwise. Haha.

Well, I gotta run!
Vi voglio bene! Pictures to come! :)

Sorella Willis

One time I bought a giant deck of cards. Who's excited for next Thanksgiving? This missionary :)

Christmas tree! Me, Sorella Reichert, Lyman, and Acerson :)

Me at the Arena, here in Verona! :)

At the Arena, again! :)

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