Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In which Sara wants to be in a Santa race!


I have 0 time to email today!

Okay, things to say. I bought India, Abby and Tanner gifts last week, and honestly I wish I had bought them for myself. Coolest little things (for children) EVER! Get excited :) Haha.

Oh, and so this past Sunday, do you know what we did with our ward? We went and sang at an old folks home! It was SO FUN! I loved it. We sang Christmas songs, then after the Christmas songs we sang old Italian songs from the 40s and 60s, to help them remember their good ol' days a bit... and I ADORED all of those little old Italian songs! I can't wait to go home and listen to them all day long! :)

Oh, also, going to church last Sunday morning, do you know what I saw? Basically, at Centro here in Verona there are always races going on (running/bike races), and Sunday morning there was a Christmas race going on. Not just your average christmas race, but ALL OF THE RACES WERE WEARING SANTA CLAUS OUTFITS! Do you know how badly I wish I could have joined in on that race? It was the bombest!

Oh, and dearest family, just so you know, the Christmas package was gotten :) Grazie mille! It was the happiest :)

Oh, also I saw a flaming car the other day! Well, long story made short, a car drove passed us, and as it passed we realized one of the back tires was enflamed! Agh! So, it's driving off, while other cars are honking at it, then it drove off, and we didn't see it. Well, as we proceeded forward, we see the car again! It had pulled over, but this time the whole back of the car was engulfed in flames! Poor guy, that would seriously ruin my day if my car lit on fire :(

Also, dearest Miami friends, does Anziano Fiorentino come home this week? I've heard he does. If he does, can you all please give him a little punch from me - I had NO IDEA he was finishing his misison! He didn't tell me. So, someone punch him for me, thanks :)

Also, the other day we did our Scambio with Sorella Seare and her new daughter, Sorella Reni (aka, my granddaughter). We have a picture. I'll send it next week. But, basically I love them both oodles. Obvs, y'all know I love Sorella Seare, but Sorella Reni is SUPER adorable too! I honestly just love her. And, her dad's straight up, 100% Italian, but they live in Provo, and that's where she's from. Super legit :) Ha.

Oh, also let me just tell you. Remember how I've been super excited to come home? Well, I totally am! I'm so stoked to come home, and see y'all. But, I just went to our Christmas Zone conference, and I almost started crying while we were singing the songs... THAT'S MY LAST CHRISTMAS ZONE CONFERENCE EVER! In my whole life! It made me want to stay in the mission for forever. But, I'll get over it... haha.

Oh, and dear Mike Mulligan, I saw a man at the train station that looked just like you! I almost wanted to go up and stop him, then I realized it wasn't you! Haha.

So, here's two scriptures that I wrote down to tell you about this week, that I don't have time to tell you about :)

Acts 17:29 - so cool!
Alma 29:14-16 - makes me laugh :)

Well, remind me to tell you about the amazing Daniele (the guys whose door we knocked on)! I may have already done that. I probably did. But, he made me SO happy yesterday! I'll tell you later :)

I gotta run!

Vi voglio tanto tanto bene!

SEE YOU next week!

I think I'll call around 6pm our time, I think that works out for us. And, my mission president said Google Hangout is fine.

A presto!
Sorella Willis

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