Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In which Sara learns about foreign toilets

Thanks for the updates on everything! Y'all are the best :) And, dad, thanks for the lighthouse pictures, they were loooovely! I love that little lighthouse. Oodles.

So, let me just explode a little bit. I have tooo much to write this week! We'll see how much I get done. Haha :)
One, random side note, I have not had a single companion from Utah my whole mission! Hanson was from Florida. Eaton was from Idaho. Mancuso was from NY. And, S.lla Bush is from Wisconsin! But, I probably just jinxed myself, and I'll have a UT comp next transfer. Not that there's anything wrong with it! I just find it crazy that I haven't  had one yet! Ha.

True story, when I got to Siena, I just walked into a million blessings. I dunno why!  It's way too wonderful here. The work, trying to find new people is hard, but we have this WONDERFUL amazing family we're teaching, who have been on and off with the missionaries for 10 years... well, the mom finally decided to get baptized, and we'll have that 16 Marzo. Then, we just found out the daugher (18) who we LOVE to bits and pieces, who we're trying to help stop smoking, wants to get baptized that date, too! We were gonna invite her for that date tomorrow, but she kinda beat us to it! This family is SO prepared, it's like we're not even doing anything. They're practically members arleady! I love them so much. Sometimes I feel guilty, like I just walked into these blessings, this already prepared family, and I'm not even doing anything... but, we still have things to teach them, we still have a lot to do to prep them for their baptism, so I'm totally doing things, doing my part! No worries :) Haha. I read my Patriarchal Blessing yesterday, and it was the most loving punch in the face I've ever received :) It's wonderful! :) Haha. We have two recent converts (of 1 year +/-) in our ward, from Albania (I LOVE THEM!), two sisters 23 & 25. They're amazing. One teaches gospel principes, and one wants to go on a mission! They're seriously some of the greatest people I have ever met! Anyway, they're getting ready to get their patriarchal blessings soon, and I am SO excited for them! We were with them yesterday, and after the lesson they started to teach us some Albanian! It was super fun, I wrote some of it down :) 

Another thought, Happy Birthday Elisabeth and Sherry Hines soon! (And, whoever else has a Birthday February 23rd... Tyler Curtis?)

Also, dad, there's an EFY song on the 2012 EFY CD called "All Great Men" or something like that... it makes me think of you every time I hear it... you rascal, you :)

Also, something that made me so happy! You know how I used to call you (dad) Babbo before I left on the mission? Well, I got to Italy, and I never heard it! And someone told me Italian's don't really use "Babbo" that much. That made me super sad. But, when I got to Tuscany... EVERYONE USES IT! It totally made my day :) 
Also, "zeal" or "zealous" are my new favorite words. In case y'all wanted to know. If you ever see them in the scriptures, just think of me :) Haha.

Also, so this last p-day, we went to this little town in Tuscany.... little... aka, the population is 42 people! It was a super cute little town :)

Also, let me just share with y'all my favorite scripture of all time, for right now! Hahah. Giacobbe (Jacob) 5:47 - I just love the first half. "What could I have done more in my vineyard? Have I slackened mine hand that I have not nourised it?" Just a lovely wonderful thought/question for us all. What could we have done more/what can we still do more? We each have our own "vineyard",  whether it be the ward boundaries for a bishop, the family for a parent, or someone's group of friends - we all have our own vineyard... have we slackened our hands? I hope not! I'm trying to remember that everyday! I can't slacken my hand, and what can I do more? Just a Sorella Willis thougth for the day :)

Also, we taught a lesson to one of our members (from England!) the other day - her name's Emily, and I love her. And, basically, I've never taught in English... so I had NO idea what I was saying, because I was translating it all in my head from Italian to English. Basically I was super bummed after that lesson, because I'm pretty sure I butchered everything I said... it was really weird. But then we got a text from her about something that we talked about in the lezione... something that I asked her about! Which means, it got her thinking about it, and everything I said wasn't a total bust! Yay for following the spirit! I need ot just remember to follow the spirit, and that I won't always see immediate results.

Other random side note: every toilet in Italy is different. Not the toilet, but the way they flush. There are buttons you press, chians you pull, levers your turn.... it's so silly, but I love it! :) Hahaha.

Well, I figure I'll leave y'all on that note! Hahahaha :)
Y'all are beautiful, wonderful, and I love you. Be good!
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Willis

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