Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pictures!!! Goodbye Collegno, Hello Siena!

New Address:

Sorella Sara Willis
Milan Italy Mission
Via Mameli 49 
53100 Siena 

Sorella Mancuso, Gomez (from Mexico - she's adorable! I love her! And, she looks exactly like Brittany Stephens (not Stephens anymore) to me!), Hanson (my MTC comp!), and me!

Me and Sorella Mancuso, just chilling outside of our door... :) Haha, there's a story that I don't have time to explain!

An Egyptian Museum!


My favorite Michele & Chiara - they owned a little bakery below our appartment, and they always gave us leftover bread/food from the night before that they wouldn't be selling anymore. They're wonderful!

Umberto! I have no idea how he's doing... he was super sad when we told him I would be leaving. I hope he's doing well! Keep him in your prayers, still!

One of my favorite families at Collegno! He's a less active (/completely inactive), and the rest of the family aren't members. Side note: They're The Incredibles! Amazing, huh? I loove them! :)

Sorella Hoppe and I during a Blitz - I loove her! We've been together from the MTC, then for 3 transfers together (she was at Torino, and I was at Collegno, right by Torino) - aka, this is the first time in my misison I'm without her... sad! But, she's wonderful, and I love her (she's the one from Germany/nannied in Spain for a  year. What? Amazing.)

Me, Mancuso, and Hoppe during Blitz! :)

S.lla Mancuso and I with one of our less actives, Mimma (Domencia is her name, but Mimma is a nickname) :)

Cleaning out our appartment, getting rid of all these old VHS'!

La famiglia Petrorulo! I looove them! (members of our ward - he's the first counselor)

La famiglia Tribastone - our ward misison leader (They're converts, and they just went to the Temple the weekend I left Collegno!) They're wonderful!

Isaac! I loove him! We're still gonna be best friends when I get home :) Haha.

VANESSA! My bessst friennnd! I loove her! (she's a less active, but totally is gonna get reactivated!)

My English class! I love them so much! (Grazia, Laura, Katya, me, Oscar, Marinella & Renato)

S.lla Miele (member) - I loove her!

Bebbo" (Beniamino) Caruso. He's just a great person :) Haha. He's helped out with the missionary work tons. He served in Provo 10 (+/-) years ago, so he speaks English, too! He's great.

S.lla Bush and I!

Little town of 42 people.

SIENA! We just walk past this every time we go to church. Nbd.

Again, us! We're pretty cute, huh? She's adorable, I love her!

S.lla Bush made us heart shaped pancakes on Valentines day :)

The daugher of the family we're teaching (Chiara) is WONDERFUL! I love her oodles. And, she loves Disney. Hey, me too. They have about 30-40 of these little tin things, of Disney stuff, and we looked through them the other day, then she said, "Pick one." AGH! I about died. So, we each picked one :) Mine is Tugboat Mickey :)

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