Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ciao! :)

Okay, I'm gonna try to email my email, then respond to other emails if I have time.
Okay, things I wrote down that I wanted to say (haha):

It got super cold last week!  Quindi (so), I have a jacket... and scarf... and gloves... and a little hat (I don't remember if I told y'all that or not, yet)! It's so weird, when I first tried it all on, I thought it was a joke. But, people actually do wear things like that! Haha, the ignorant Florida girl. I said to my companion the other day, "It can't get colder than this... it just can't!", and she laughed at me. Hahaha.

So, we teach an english class every Wednesday evening at the church. Do y'all realize how funny this is? These wonderful little Italian's don't speak english. They're learning english. Quindi, I have to speak very plainly and very slowly. Slowly! Ha, it's so weird. But, it's okay, cause now that my brain tries to think in Italian, it thinks slowly, anyway.

I ate tripe (non so how you spell it) the other day. It wasn't bad! The texture was a bit weird, and it needed salt, but I probably would have eaten more if I wasn't super full already. Ha. Oh, also, I ate chesnuts! So, they're super big here in Italy. "Chesnuts roasted on an open fire...", yeah, I definitely ate some! Ha. They were weird, at first. I loved the smell, cause they smelled like a campfire, but the taste/texture was weird. But, I think I really like them now!

Oh, and I think I wrote my address wrong. I think I wrote "Carso Francia", ma instead, it's supposed to be "Corso Francia". just fy-izzle.

So, in my ward we have the Italian twins of Tyler Curtis (his name is Gabriele) and Derrick Daniels (Enzo). Forse, I'll try to get pictures of them :) Ha.

So mom, the song "Improve The Shining Moments" makes me think of you! I never realized this, but it does. You wanted to sing it for FHE one day, and everyone said they had no idea what that song was, then you played it on the piano, and we all realized we actually did know the song. And, ever since then it's reminded me of you! Ha. And, it's just a wonderful song with a happy wonderful message :)

Okay, so me and my companion sing a lot. We love to sing. We sing at member’s houses/at the end of lessons/all the time. It's so great. And, she's a killer singer, so she can sing all of the different parts - so, I'll stay at soprano throughout the song, and she'll go crazy and make the song really pretty. It's awesome.

Oh, and we were talking the other day, my companion and I. We discussed, I have something she doesn't have. Pity power (nice, right?). Haha. It's hard for me to follow along in the conversations, so she usually makes me do the spiritual thoughts. Which, I'm completely fine with, because I want a chance to be able to talk! And, I've actually noticed this 'pity power', too. Ha. We shared something with a less active woman the other day, and she said that the whold 4 months she's been here (Sorella Eaton) this less active member hadn't cared much for the spiritual thoughts, or anything, but when I gave it, she was focusing on me, and responding, and trying to help me. She said she hadn't seen here that attentive (?) and interested in a spiritual thought... ever. Ah! So exciting. Then, we visited another less active family, and the mom wasn't home, but the sons and a girlfriend was, so we went in, and talked a bit, and I've shared a spiritual thought with them before, and just the mom really listened, but this time one of the sons (who was at the computer) put the computer aside, and him and his girlfriend sat and paid attention to me, super intently. Pity power. Ha. I love sharing the spiritual thoughts, but I just wish I could participate in the conversations more. Agh. Little by little.

So, there's this killer wonderful scripture that I read yesterday. Hebrews 12:1-3. So good! Just when I thought I was having a hard time as a missionary... Sorella Willis, you haven't gone through nothing!

Sunday was great. We had 2 investigators come to church! One: Isaac, so good! I've actually only taught him once, cause he's super busy with school, but he's great, he just soaks up the lessons (it seems). And Tarita - we haven't actually had a lesson with her. But, she comes to church every Sunday, and she comes to english class every wednesday! She just never has time throughout the week for us to teach her. Ah. And, we went to my two favorite houses last night! The house with the fruit tree (the fruit is called Cachi, I think) and invited him and his family to our ward Halloween party! He said he might come! Then we went to the music sax house, and invited them! I love them! Ah, they're so so nice. The man at the sax house said he might come... we'll see. But, honestly, whenever we talked to either of those two men, my day is just so much happier :) I sinceriously hope their hearts are softened, and we can teach them soon.

Grazie for y'alls emails! They were kinda long, so I'll try to respond to them/those questions next week.
I love y'all! Vi voglio bene! Keep me in your prayers, that I won't be stupid/stubborn, and I'll open my mouth! Y'all are always in my prayers. Be good! It's great to hear how well everyone is doing! Keep being wonderful, everyone! :)

Vi voglio bene! Ciao ciao!

- Sorella Willis

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