Thursday, September 27, 2012

Provo MTC - week 8!!

Ciao tutti!

Babbo, I love that you mentioned the Martha in you (Martha and Mary) - I'm the exact same way! I need to work on that too - I would rather spend a day studying and reading using my time "wisely", then talking to people, and building relationships. I guess I need to find the happy medium between it all.

Okay, so what the heck? This is my last p-day in the MTC! whaat?! I'm leaving so soon! It's crazy! We got our travel plans a few days ago... ah! We have our In-Field training tomorrow... like, it's getting close. I'm headed out to ITALY! I can't wait/am super nervous. I'm not TERRIBLY nervous, but I'm sure as soon as I hit the ground in Italy I'll be a bit over-whelmed, because I won't be able to understand anything. Haha. But still, I can't wait :)

Okay, so the shout-outs, thank you Eddie Ardakoc, mom, and Courtney for the letters! :) And Aunt Lara for the email, I loved it! I can receive emails, but I can only respond by snail-mail letters :)

Okay, so I think I mentioned the other day, my black shoes broke... blast. Ha. So, they let me out of the MTC (!) to get some new shoes. I went to Modern Shoe, and bought some similar-to-Ecco shoes. I didn't like the Ecco ones they had. But, they were the durable - expensive :( - kind, so hopefully they'll last long! Then after, we were waiting for our van outside, and a) it was so nice! It's fall her in Utah (or, what FL knows as fall), and I love it! And b) we were just sitting waiting for our van to pick us up, and this one guy walked up and started talking to us. His name was Adam, big black guy, he's going to BYU, home from his mission from Panama for about a year, and he was super nice. I forgot how the rest of the world is, because I'm around missionaries/teachers all day everyday, so it was so wonderful talking to people besides missionaries! Haha.

Oh, Courtney, we had a workshop the other day, and our teacher served in Houston, TX, Spanish speaking about 3 years ago! I asked him if he knew you, he said the name Willis sounded familiar, but he didn't remember. I think his name was Kip (or Kap) Preston? ...or something like that. Haha, sorry.

Oh, so the other day one of our branch presidency was giving us our departure devotional, and he mentioned "God be with you till we meet again" as a district, and basically I started tearing up at the thought of that! Ha, what!? Those guys have become like my brothers, I love them so much. We're all writing a letter for each person in our district, and we're putting them in a big yellow envelope, and we're gonna pass them out before we jump on the planes, and read them then. I can't wait!

Oh, okay! #1, Adam, Cheboygan (I'm sure I way mis-spelled that), is that a city in Michigan? Anziano Hurlburt is from Cheboygan, Wisconson! I dunno if they're near or if they're the same, or what have you. Cheboygan's not a very common name for a city, so I was just wondering about it. Haha.

Also, HEY! I'll be calling on Tuesday! I fly out on Tuesday, so some time during one of my stops I'll call! I don't know what time it will be at, but I'll probably call dad's phone. Just FY-izzle.

Oh, and let me just tell you about this kid I met! Elder Olivier! Okay, he's from France, but his mom is Italian and his dad is German. He's going on a mission to Canada, Spanish speaking. So, he speaks English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. He's a convert of 3 years, baptized his sister 2 years ago, his mom is taking the discussions, his parents are divorced, his dad is anti, and doesn't know he's on a mission yet, and he's studying Ancient languages (greek, chinese, latin) - what!? Basically the most ballin' kid I have ever met.

Okay, so my emails are filled with a bunch of random information. Sometimes I feel like I write the worst emails, because I'm always rushed for time (other missionaries need to use the computers!), and I never know what to write about. I hope they're not pointless letters, and people don't think, "Why in the world did she write that? ...that's completely irrelevant to us/her mission." That's how I feel I'm writing sometimes, maybe I won't feel as rushed out in the field, because it will only be me and my compaion.

I can't do pictures today - mi dispiace! (I'm sorry). Maybe later on today, or maybe when I email out in the field. We'll see. But, I do gotta go.

Vi voglio bene! Be good! The gospel is true - I know it and you all know that, so now let's do our part... whatever that part may be for you! :)

Be good! Have fun! It's getting time for the Holidays - what?! I'm so excited! It feels like a Florida Christmas here, already. Hahaha.

Di nuovo, vi voglio bene! (Again, I love you all).


  1. Hey whoever is running the blog for sister willis...I have some pictures of her that MY sister, Sister Preston, took at the MTC. Let me know an address and I'll email them over!

    1. Awesome, Letty!! Thanks so much :) I'm Courtney, Sara's sister. My email address is -

      So greatly appreciated :) hope your sister is doing well too!