Thursday, September 20, 2012

Provo MTC - week 7!!

First of all, it's freezing! Every morning we wake up, and it's freezing outside. It gets warmer (sometimes) throughout the day, but it's regularly cold. I need a jacket. I might die in Italy. Haha.

Oh, and remember how we got new roommates the other day? Well... the other day was actually 3 weeks ago! They left this past Monday! It was sad, I love them. So, we got new roommates yesterday! And, mom, guess what? Two of them are serving in the Ohio Colombus Mission! Do you want them to look up anyone for you? :) Haha.

Thanks for the package family, and thanks Kaleb for the pictures, Elisabeth, Courtney, Adam, and Emma Cutchen for the letters! I love y'all! :)

So, this email will probably be all over the place, so I'll just start with yesterday! ...I was able to be a Host! So much fun! You know the people who take you from your car, and take you to get your books, your bedroom, and your classroom? I got to do that! And, I (hopefully) will be able to do it again, next week! It was fun, I hosted 2 Sisters: 1 from Lima, Peru going to California, and 1 from Nebraska going to Germany!

Oh, and basically, I love the Greeks. Haha, there are a bunch of people on our classroom floor, learning different languages. The Greek's are all Europeans (Germany, England, Sweden, and Scotland) - they're SO crazy, but I love them. Especially the Sisters, they're awesome. I kept seeing them throughout my hosting, so it was just super fun. The Greeks, the Armenians, and the Lithuanians are some of my favorite people here, on our floor :) And, I can say "Hello" in all 3 different languages, now! Haha.

Oh, and dad, those brownies you sent were gone within 2 days that we got them. The Anziani devoured them! Haha, so grazie :)

Oh! And then, I a Sister walked up to me the other day, and asked, "I dunno if you remember me, but..." then after I looked and her and realized who she was, I may have squealed,  dropped my book to the floor, and hugged her too dramatically. Haha. Rachel Wettingfeld from my FIRST year of EFY (2005 - A More Excellent Way!). She was awesome, she was one of my favorite people that year. She is from Kissimmee, FL, and Kelsey, knows Allan Strickland and their family! She's awesome, she's going to a visitor's center - I don't remember if it was SLC or not. Oh, then, I was walking around the cafeteria, and I walked passed one sister, and her nametag said, "Pielstick", so I did a double take, and went back and talked to her, and she is the sister of one of my EFY girls - Esther Pielstick! How awesome! Ah, I love the MTC :) Then Sunday, I gave a talk in Sacrament... in Italian (I couldn't find my talk for about 3-5 minutes... standing at the podium. Whoops!)! Sheri Dew came and spoke for Relief Society. Then we had a killer devotional about the Libro di Mormon. Sunday was spectacular!

Oh, and so, I feel super bad. Jess' birthday was back in August, wasn't it? I wished Ben and Courtney happy birthdays, but I never wished her one! Happy belated birthday, Jess! :)

Okay, also, so I think I may need glasses, soon. Che triste, I know. But, I have to squint when I look at the screens during devotionals, and for other things too. And squinting doesn't help. things just stay blurring. So sad! I dunno how bad it is/if I need to get my eyes checked. I don't want to. Haha, but we'll see how long I can go without them (is that a terrible idea? Whoops).

But, I have to go. I've got a lot to do today! Gotta go to the outside world to get more shoes, because my other black ones broke! Haha.

But, teaching's been awesome, lately. I love my teachers, and all that I learn here, and I especially love the Gospel! It's so so wonderful!

Oh, another crazy thought - where in the world does time go?! I have 12 days left! Not that I'm counting, I really am not (haha), but someone mentioned that the other day, and I just remembered it. That seems like such a short amount of time! I'll be in Italy in less than two weeks! What in the world!? My MTC time has just flown by. It's gonna be so sad/so exciting when I leave. I can't wait to get to Italy, but I love my district SO much! They're like my brothers, I may very well cry on our last day here. And my zone is awesome. And, the MTC's been my home for the past 8 weeks, so it's kinda very much my home. It's crazy. It'll be sad and happy.

Ma, this is probably super random. I gotta go.
Vi voglio bene! Everyone be good! Follow the prophet! Keep the commandments! Have fun! :)

Sorella Sara Willis

PS: I'll send pictures next time - it's not working for some reason.

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