Thursday, September 13, 2012

Provo MTC - week 6!

First and foremost, PICTURES!!!!!!  : D

1 - Our first roommates! Myself, Hermana Abrica, Sorella Hanson, Hermana Servin, Hermana Wilson (Sarah Wilson... so close to Sara Willis! Haha), and in front is Hermana Quiros. I love them so much! I miss them, they were so much fun :)

2 - FABI! Her companion, Sister Anderson (I think), myself, Fabi-... Sister Chavarria, and my colega, Sorella Hanson.

3 - Fratello Newton! He's such a killer teacher, I'm sad he's not our teacher anymore (although, we still have some pretty sick teachers, now).

4 - Fratello Bulloch's last day teaching us! We love him so so so much!

I have more pictures, but I should probably use my time wisely, and write instead of just sending pictures!

Thanks mom and Courtney for the letters! :) And, thanks la mia famiglia, for the pictures! :) I looove them! So, besides those two, I got another letter this week... from President Wolfgramm (Ita-Mil Mission President!) It's not a personal letter, just like what to make sure you have on your carry-on, they want to us to have goals for our mission written out to give them when we get there, and that they're excited for us to get there... in 3 weeks! Holy cannoli, where did time go?! I'm already a month out on my mission, and I'm headed to ITALY in less than 3 weeks! My word, it's crazy. But, I'm so excited! I just need to step up my Italian language speaking. I'm really bad at SYL-ing (speak your language), still. I'm just so slow at getting out what I want to say, and I don't like being slow. Oh, blast it all. I'm trying, though.

So, this past week was crazy! Lots of drama, lots of emotions, lots of crazy. Last p-day, a lot of people in my district were frustrated, and people were getting offended by others, and it was all really stupid. So, I suggested each evening we all say what we love about one particular person... and it's so much fun! I love it. And guess whose turn it is tonight? ME! I'm so excited! Not to sound conceited or anything, but everyone (especially during these hard times on your mission) needs to hear why they're appreciated and loved. So, basically, I can't wait! :)

Oh! Side note, thought... I've been debating cutting my hair. Because, it's ALWAYS covering my nametag. I really really don't want to cut it, but it would be easier. So, I dunno. As of now, I'm not cutting it. But, if it keeps being an uber problem, I'll probably get it cut (here in the MTC, or out in the field? Elisabeth, should I still just go with, keep the luscious long hair at least until I'm in Italy, then possibly cut it?). Non lo so (I dunno).

Okay, so remember how we don't have Fratelli Newton or Bulloch anymore? Well, now we have Fratello Hatch and Garvin. Hatch is super chill and nice, and tells lots of/wonderful stories. Garvin is siiick (in the best way)! He was just hired, we're the first class he's ever taught. And he's probably the happiest, goofiest, funnest person in the whole wide world. Seriously, I wish y'all could meet him. Haha. Remember how Bulloch and Newton were the best teachers ever? Well, Fratello Garvin is giving them a run for their money! And, when him and Fratello Carrington teach us together, my word, it's the greatest class time ever! They're the best.

Oh, quick funny thing - only in the MTC: "I love you so much, I want to write you when you're gone! ...wait, what's your first name!?" Hahahaha.

Ooh, then yesterday the new Italiani came in! I haven't met them yet, but I'm excited to! :) Also, yesterday, in our lesson to Fratello Garvin, we taught about lo Spirito Santo, and and in the lesson, we sang! We sang "Let The Holy Spirit Guide" in Italian, it was so awesome. Have I mentioned I love singing? I've sung in the choir every week, except for one, because they were too full - they had too many people.

Um, but people are waiting for me to get off the computer, and I've probably been on for too long. Ma, I love this gospel! I'm amazed at how much I learn every day, and how much my district teaches me - I love them :) Isn't it wonderful to know that any problem that we're having, or any question that we have, we can go to the scriptures, or turn to the Lord in prayer, and we can receive an answer? It's so wonderful! I love teaching, especially when I do it right; by the Spirit! I can't wait until I can just teach by the Spirit, and speak well in the Italian language, and just invite everyone to come unto Christ! I can't wait to meet the people in Italia! Ah, I'm excited. But, I really ought to go. Sorry, this is a random, short email this week.
Vi voglio bene! Be good!
Sorella Sara Willis

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