Thursday, December 13, 2012

Read the scriptures. Every day! Will you do it? :)

Salve! Grazie per the email with the Krasno pictures! So cute! :) And, grazie per the package/letter in route! :)

Okay, alcune cose di dire (some things to say.) Happy 12-12-12! Crazy, huh? We missed 12:12 pm, though. Managia.

Okay, so if y'all want to look up some yummy italian foods, look up arancini. They're southern Italy, but they eat them up here, too. They're super yummy. I'll have to learn how to make them :)

Okay, so you know how I love to work with children, yeah? Yeah. I miss that. A lot. I just wish I could pick up a kid! Ha. But, the other day (more like a couple weeks ago, but I haven't been able to write about it, until now!) we were teaching an investigator, and she has a son who's, now, a year old. Super cute! And, he always screams, cries, or does baby things like that while we're trying to teach. Well, we were watching 'The Restoration', and I was up out of my seat, because I put the DVD in, and something ended up happening to where I was sitting on the floor, playing with her son to keep him quiet. It was so fun! And, it was kinda a miracle. He was quiet the whole time during the movie! And, I just had a blast, sitting on the floor, playing away. Haha. Just a little tidbit I wanted to share. Tender mercies: the Lord allowing me to work a little with kids, while on the mission :)

Other crazy stories; we were doing casa one day, and we knocked a door, and no one answered, so we went to the next door. Then after we had already knocked the other door, the previous door we knocked opened up, and standing there was a man, in nothing with underwear... not even boxers, or qualcosa (something), underwear. Agh! I don't even know what do say about that. Just ugh. And, everyone says I need to get used to it, because everyone is like that in the summer time., dai (but, come on). Haha. Oh well.

So, we meet people who speak Spanish all the time - like, they're not Italian, they're Peruvian, or qualcosa altro (something else). But, every time we meet them, I feel so happy! Reminds me of home :) Haha. Sad thing: I can't remember a lick of Spanish! It's just confusing thinking about Spanish. Only Italian makes sense now. Haha. But, I miss the Spanish. Maybe I'll try to learn it again when I get home. Also, random, we stopped a guy the other night, and, because we have accents, everyone guesses where we're from, but last night this guy said, "Ma, Portuguese?"... haha, no I'm not from Portugal. Ma, grazie. It was funny.

Also, the other day we stopped a guy, and the first thing he said was, "No parlo italiano, solo inglese...", Hey us too! Haha. But, he was from Germany. So fun. It was crazy weird speaking in English. Well, outside of the apartment. I can speak English fine in the apartment. But, it's weird outside. Haha. But, he was great. He had been in Italy for 1 day when we talked to him! Crazy! For work. He didn't want to learn about the gospel... yet, but we gave him a card with our number on it, so maybe if he has trouble with the language, he'll remember us, and call us! ...hahaha, okay maybe not. But still. He was great.

Oh! Also also, so we were kinda lost one night, not in our town, so we went into this little shop, to get a map/ask directions. Well, we walked in, and there was an old man leaving, and we talked to both of them for a second, but then out of no where, the old man grabs my hand, and starts singing to me. I didn't understand any of it, except for one word: "sposarsi" (like, to get married). Hahaha. It was kinda weird, but mostly funny. Like, something you see in movies; a little old Italian man, singing a little old Italian song. Cute. Haha. Then the guy at the shop said, "1 more minute and he would have asked you to marry him!", hahaha.

So, my comp. keeps telling me that I'm going to train next transfer. Ah! That would be crazy. I don't think so, but she's finishing training me, and she had just finished 2 transfers when we started. So... who knows what will happen next transfer. Ha.

Well, we have a ward Christmas party coming up, and one of the families - who is adorable - wants to sing a song with us! Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. And they want to sing it in Italian, then have us sing it in English. We haven't heard anything set in stone, if we're singing or not, but I'll let you know/try to get pictures/video if it happens! Ha.

Also, so I was just thinking, if there's anyone who knows Italian/wants to practice Italian (Josue, Kingsley, and anyone else!), I would LOVE to get letters in Italian! It would help me with my reading/writing in Italian. Just a thought :)

So, we taught a family the other day, and I love them so much! The dad is less active, and the rest of the family aren't members. But, I just love them. They don't have a desire to come to church/come back to church, at all (kinda bitter feelings towards God), but they might come to the Christmas party! They were just cute. The dad reminded me of you, dad, and then there was a little brother, that made me think of Kaleb (not at all like Kaleb, but just because he was the little brother. Haha). They had a cute house, with a little Christmas tree... it just felt like... I dunno, I just felt super comfortable with them. But, I gotta go! English class tonight! :)

Oh, so for Christmas, we can either call or Skype! Let me know when/which y'all want to do it! Can someone make me a skype account, and then send me the username and password, so that I can skype (if that's what y'all want to do) - grazie!

Vi voglio bene, tantissimo! But, I gotta go!
I looove you all! So much! Be good. Read the scriptures. Every day!
Will you do it? :)

Sorella Willis

PS: I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something. Oh well. I'll try to
remember next week!

Our Christmas tree! Me and Sorella Mancuso
Scambio! Me with Sorella Loffley at Torino.
We talked to a lady the other day, outside her flower shop and she said we could call her in January (cause she's super busy with work/the holidays) and she gave us each a white rose! Ah, so cute!

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  1. Cute pictures and funny experiences she had this week. Crazy Italian men ,, ha!