Saturday, August 18, 2012

Provo MTC - week 2!

Grazie mille for the email! True story: you almost made me cry. The MTC has totally destroyed me. I cry/am on the verge of tears basically every day. Haha. But, I absolutely needed what you said.
Let me try to remember what I can, then I'll try to respond to whatever I can. Babbo, did you get my email/letter? I don't remember what I asked, but I asked a few questions (about returning some Italian books, because I have extras now. So, to return them to the bookstore, or send them home. Non so. Just let me know.)

But, before I forget: Miami family! I was walking around yesterday (Wednesday, when all the new missionaries come in), and I companionship stopped my colega and myself, to ask directions. I looked at him for a second, and I was just thinking "You look so familiar, where do I know you from?!" Then, I might have interrupted him mid sentence, and exploded, "You're from Miami!". Elder Fabiano! (?) He didn't remember me, but I didn't really expect him to. Ha, I just barely recognized who he was. But, I just thought it was awesome! 
Okay, let's see. Well, thank you Josue, babbo, Courtney, and the wonderful Chelsea Wiser for the letters (I might shout out to everyone who ever writes me... maybe. Haha). Mail really is so so wonderful. We went to the Temple last week. First of all, my colega's Temple recommend was cancelled because someone assigned another temple recommend under her number. So, we have to get that fixed, still. And then, as we walked into the Temple, a guy stopped and talked to us, and turns out he served in South Carolina. After talking to him, it turns out that he was companions with the Elder who baptized Anziano Hurlburt! (Anziano Hurlburt is the kid we met in SC. He's a convert of 1 1/2 years!) Small world!

Courtney, that's crazy that King served with Fratello Bulloch! I can't wait to talk to Bulloch about it - he's visiting family right now, and won't be back until Monday, but still, that's awesome!
And, Adam, yep! Fratello Newton is one of my teachers! ...I think. We've had about 7-8 different subs, but I think Fratelli Bulloch and Newton are our "official" teachers. But, there are so many awesome Italian teachers here. True story, I think Fratello Newton is my hardest teacher. The first day he taught, he made me cry. Ha, not really; HE didn't make me cry, but he asked me to teach something in Italian, and I just broke down, cause I didn't think I could do it. And he always speaks in Italian. So, I'm frustrated half the class, because I can't understand everything. I know he does it to push us, and to help us learn. And, he tells me all the time that he knows I can do it. He's super encouraging, I'm just super hard on myself. I'm pretty sure I'm his hardest student, because I'm so hard on myself. I'm sure he's tired of me telling him how frustrated I am. Ha, ma, va bene.
Dad, I LOVED the story you sent about Abby! That's so funny. I want to frame it! Haha. I love it.
Oh! And, on Sunday, Sister Wixon (General Primary President) spoke in Relief Society. It was SO good! Like, one of the best talks/devotionals I've heard since I've been at the  MTC.
Oh, and Kelsey! #1: There's an Anziano in my zone who reminds me of Evan Branson. ...true story, just as I wrote that, he walked right past me. Hahaha. #2, I sang in the choir the other day, and the chorister made an Abbot and Castillo reference! He was talking about mana, and how it means "What is it?", and he went on from there. I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was super funny. I was one of the few who laughed at the Abbot and Castillo reference. So, thank you my darling Kelsey! :)
So, basically we for gym everyday we go outside, and play sand volleyball. And we do it with all of our Italians. It's so much fun. It makes me think of Institute! Except, I think I like sand better... I can really go for the ball without worrying if I'm gonna hit the ground super hard.
OH my goodness! Okay, funny story time. The other day one of my Anziani, Anziano Dowling (our DL) was saying how he wanted to get his named enscribed onto his Italian scriptures, but he didn't know what to put. "Should I just put Anziano Dowling, or should I put Anziano [first name] Dowling?", and I told him that I have my full name with my title, but he had just said "Dowling", so that was in my mind as I started talking. So, I said, "Yeah, I have Sorella [my first name] Dowling! ....." Hahaha, it was so funny. My district exploded, as 19 year old boys would. Ha, but it's good. I love them.
I swanny, there's so much that I know I'm forgetting to write! 
Babbo, grazie for the pictures :) I love my Hermanas (the Sisters speaking Spanish who are our roommates), and they leave on Monday! So sad :( They're so funny. I'm gonna miss them. And now I'm super curious who else they're going to put in our room! Because, we still have just over 6 weeks left! So, we'll see. I think that's all that I have for now. I'm going to write letters today, anche, so if there's anything that I forget I'll try to include it.
Ciao a tutti, e vi voglio bene!
Sorella Willis

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